Quartz Countertops Jacksonville FL

It's no wonder why more homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida are choosing natural stone like quartz over manufactured countertops like formica and corian. The results of a natural look are both appealing and durable.

Quartz countertops seamlessly combine the best qualities of laminate counters and natural stone surfaces into one flawless design. Implementing quartz countertops became a trend in Jacksonville, Florida home remodeling jobs within the last few years.

A small minority of quartz countertops are made of natural quartz cut from monolithic blocks of stone that have been harvested from quarries. The majority of quartz countertops sold today are manufactured from roughly 95% crushed quartz with 5% polymers. As a result of this combination, the finished product is nearly scratch proof, practically maintenance free, and can be designed in a multitude of colors ranging from translucent white to stone black.

In fact, it's often the abundant amount of color choices that often excite Jacksonville, Florida homeowners who decide to choose quartz countertops for their home remodeling project. These days, most kitchen floor plans are more open so to allow the kitchen to spread into both the living room and dining room areas. In order to design a more consistent look for the home, it is important for designers to coordinate countertop color choices with the rest of the house. Renovating kitchens with natural flow into the rest of the home becomes easy with quartz countertops in the right colors to match the whole flow of your home décor.

Aside from color choice and low maintenance requirements, here are just a few other ways that quartz countertops make an essential staple in any Jacksonville, Florida home.

  • Quartz is considered to be the most durable countertop stone or manufactured countertop available.
  • Quartz can be easily implemented as tiles or monolithic slabs on shower walls.
  • A myriad of designer color choices are available.
  • Quartz makes it ideal to create custom edges.
  • Unlike granite surfaces, quartz countertops do not require a sealant.
  • Quartz gives the option to install an under mount sink.
  • With quartz, faucets can be installed directly on the counter.
  • Quartz has the durability to allow hot pots and pans to be placed on the working surface of the counter.
  • Quartz adds value to your home upping your resale and home value.
  • With quartz, bacteria have a harder time taking hold in and more so than any other countertop.

With all of the benefits that quartz countertops add to your Jacksonville, Florida, home it's easy to see why it's the right choice for your home remodeling project. Complete the new look of your kitchen with a simple install provided by the professionals of ArtStones. To schedule your free, in-home consultation please contact us at 904-737-2922.