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Where Nature Becomes Art at Art-Stones in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville homeowners in the market to transform their home will find all they need to create the aesthetic quality they desire with Art Stones Granite & Marble. With more than 50 years of experience in home improvement, these professionals can guide anyone through the steps necessary to turn any abode into one of beauty and elegance.

Remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom is known to significantly raise the overall property value of a home, and choosing the perfect materials to complete the task is crucial in increasing the home's worth. Art Stones Granite & Marble offers Jacksonville consumers access to everything they need to complete the task. From cabinets and tile to countertops and more, they are the ultimate one-stop-shop.

Any Home Decor

The proper implementation of stone offers any home a compelling transformation with minimal effort. Whether the intended look is contemporary or traditional, the variety of stone found at Art Stones Granite & Marble makes it possible to execute the goal. Customers are able to browse through an expansive inventory of granite, marble, onyx, quartz and soapstone.

For those who wish to change the appearance of their home but lack the artistic touch, an expert from Art Stones Granite & Marble would be more than happy to come in for a free home consultation. They will examine the home's unique aspects and make suggestions on products they have to offer that would make any room in the home stand out.

Nothing is worse than purchasing expensive remodeling products only to discover they don't create the intended aura. Customers are encouraged to browse the expansive gallery offered at Art Stones Granite & Marble to get a realistic idea of what to expect out of their products.

Customers can also take advantage of free tear-out services offered. These professionals will take care of removing current countertops and disposing of the waste. This in itself can save the customer money, as they do not have to pay hefty fees at the dump in order to get rid of the used material.

The expert and professional staff at Art Stones Granite & Marble are dedicated to ensuring each customer receives quality service. They understand that the decision to embark in a renovation is a huge decision, and they are honored with each customer that chooses to allow them to share in the experience, and they make it their mission to stick with their customers every step of the way.